The Week in Feet

I'm three weeks in and still enjoying the challenge of these #weekinfeet photos. There were so many happy moments to document this past week - with 4th of July and friends visiting.  We were having such fun, in fact, that I forgot to take a foot picture on Saturday until we were relaxing on the couch. Seems like the sign of a day well spent!

What were you up to last week?  Any #weekinfeet photos?


The Week in Feet

Last week I started a little photography challenge for myself - something that I thought would inspire some creative joy and keep my on my toes.  (Yes I did - pun completely intended.)

So I'm taking a picture every day of my feet - just a quick snap on my iphone that, hopefully, captures something about where my feet have brought me that day.  I'm absolutely in love with the project so far and enjoying the challenge of finding some new and different way to capture that same part of me each day in a way that expresses something about my life.

I'm putting all my photos on instagram (@ktmade) with the hashtag #weekinfeet.  Feel free to play along.  I'd love to see where your feet area taking you!