These Days: July


basking in the lasting glow of my days at BlogHer
chowing down on refrigerator sugar snap pickles
wishing the summer would never end
failing miserably at meal planning
listening to The Name of the Wind on audiobook (for 27 hours!)
looking forward to a new knitting project
trying to catch up on weeding the garden
spending extra time outside whenever I can
loving late night conversations with my wife
rejoicing that I get to see my sister two weekends in a row
ruminating on what type of pie I should bake next
making an effort to take a long walk every day
calling friends for long chats
practicing gratitude

p.s. These Days: May

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These Days: May

At Shelburne Farms - not our chicken, unfortunately

Trying not to scratch all the mosquito bites I've gotten in the garden
Listening to Invisibilia and wishing I were a neuroscientist
Baking pies (still, and happily)
Laughing at Jammer's new haircut 
Relishing the hot days
Loving my curly hair 
Weeding in the garden beds, especially around the radish sprouts (but not enough)
Looking forward to a weekend away with my sister and my dad 
Wishing we could figure out how to fix our riding lawn mower
Getting excited for our summer farm share 
Marveling at how different May feels from April 
Giving my wife a high five for snagging a good deal on our Christmas flights so early
Wondering when I'm going to find time to finish knitting my sweater
Enjoying a little small town Vermont
Feeling a little lag in writing motivation, and breathing through it
Listening to birds chirping outside our windows in the morning 
Soaking up the new growth of Spring 
Cheering for Ireland 

p.s. My travel wish list

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These Days: April

Planning summer vacations and yard projects
Rejoicing in the lack of snow on the ground (though we got an inch last week)
Fighting with my sewing machine
Thanking the gods that sewing machine repair shops are still a thing
Wishing they were open on the weekends
Spending way too much energy thinking about my sewing machine
Enjoying wearing a puffy vest instead of a puffy coat 
Waking up early to write
Laughing out loud at The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Baking lots of yummy pies
Learning to let go of perfectionism (still, always)
Following a zillion Instagram animal accounts that make me smile
Raking leaves, but not as much as I should be
Knitting (slowly) the sleeves of my sweater  
Feeling overwhelmed by all my creative ideas and the limited hours in the day
Drinking lots of Mate Chocolatte 
Relaxing into restorative yoga on Sunday afternoons
Loving so many trips and visitors to look forward to in the coming months

p.s. This quick and easy project requires no sewing machine (aka nothing to break)

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These Days: February

waking up early and writing in my pajamas almost every morning
watching Downton Abbey (will everyone just leave Mr. and Mrs. Bates alone?!)
listening to Amy Poehler read Yes Please
falling in love with Amy Poehler as she reads Yes Please
looking forward to a micro vacation (one night) in Montreal
relishing all the color changes as I knit my leftover yarn striped throw
following @emrgencykittens on Twitter, thanks to my wife
reading Help, Thanks, Wow by Anne Lammott
planning my meals, sort of
wishing there were just a few more hours in every day
trying to enjoy the outdoors at least a little even though it's absolutely freezing
eating clementines like it's my job
feeling immense (immense!) gratitude for Navah's ability to make me laugh

p.s. Montreal will be great, but boy, do I wish we were heading back to Hawaii...

These Days

Loving long walks in the woods with the little man

Watching Season 1 of The Good Wife on Netflix

Wishing for more sun and less rain

Enjoying weekends with family and friends

Listening to Alison Krauss on Pandora 

Celebrating a job well done in our hall bathroom

Eating lots and lots of veggies from our CSA

Drinking delicious decaffeinated chai with almond milk

Sleeping soundly in the deep quiet of our neighborhood

Following storm patterns on the radar with my weather-geek wife

Remembering when the thought of owning a home in Vermont was just a dream

Waiting not so patiently for my garden to grow

Walking more and more, thanks to my new fitbit

Wondering when I'll ever sit down to knit again

Looking forward to visits with some of my dearest friends

Relishing the leftover joy from the repeal of DOMA

Appreciating impromptu conversations with friendly neighbors

Creating a million to-do lists of home projects

Sharing text messages with my sister in Bangladesh using Viber

Practicing gratitude for what I have and where I am in this moment

These Days

Spending a little extra time outdoors to save ourselves from going crazy these last few weeks.  I learned to cross-country ski, which was somewhat harrowing.  I actually fell about 15 times more than when I've been learning to downhill ski.  But it was beautiful out on the trail and quiet in that way that only snowy woods can be.

I'm appreciating the slow lengthening of the days.  Not driving home in utter blackness really helps my moods.  And a few warm and cheerful touches inside the house, combined with some outdoor activities (when the  temperature isn't in the negatives), is keeping me sane.

Under a few inches of snow as I write this, and it's still falling.  I've been here for a little more than a year, and heavy snowfalls still feel like magic to me.

These Days

These days are filled with Fall.  Lots of apples and baking, yogurt making, snuggling. Mending a few things and enjoying a new yarny hobby.  Wishing I could ride on the top of my car with a camera while I'm commuting to and from work.  The scenes are so beautiful that sometimes I gasp when I round a corner.

The sun goes down sooner than I'd like, but I'm fitting in as much goodness in there as I can.

What are your days like?