Mother's Day Etsy Gift Guide

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and if you haven't bought a gift for your mom (or your grandmother or your aunt or whatever special women have helped you through life), don't worry. You still have time!

If a summer Saturday afternoon finds your mom at an arts and crafts festival pining after the beauties in every booth and you can't pull her out of little boutiques with handmade wares, this Etsy gift guide is for you.

The dainty illustrations on this graphic herb poster would spruce up any kitchen and possibly inspire some new flavor profiles. Epazote anyone?

These sweet little nesting heart bowls are sure to become a treasured favorite, either displayed together or separated and used to hold jewelry or other items.

This precious cosmetic bag with a mix of fabrics and a little lavender sachet tucked inside will make her feel pampered every time she pulls out her lip gloss.

On cool summer nights, this lightweight infinity scarf will add a little warmth around her neck and a cheerful pop of color to her outfit.

This feather necklace with a delicate flourite bead and an aged brass patina will be sure to get compliments and serve as a reminder of her ability to soar.

This hand stamped cotton tote bag will make carrying around all the mundane things of life a little more exciting.

What woman couldn't use a little relaxation? Lavender bath salts and handmade lavender lemongrass soap will leave her renewed.

With a simple style that would go with anything, these tiny leaf earrings are a perfect addition to her jewelry box.

Valentine's Cards That Won't Make You Barf

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I remember standing in the card aisle at Publix (a grocery store in the South) when I was in high school picking out card after card and just cracking up. I'm not sure whether it's my humor or the card industry that has changed, but nowadays I have a hard time finding good cards. They're either not funny or so sappy that they seem almost insincere.

Now, no one who knows my wife and I can claim that we don't have a sappy side, but it's a quirky sappy side. It's a sappy side that says "Hey, I'm a bit of a wack job, but you are too. Let's make out."

So I've turned to Etsy for my card-buying needs. It never disappoints. There's always a card on there that says exactly what I've been wanting to say, like this.

My wife and I tend to be pretty low-key on Valentine's Day. No fancy dinners out for us. But I do like to use the opportunity for a little reminder of how much I love her - definitely more than blogs (by a hair).

How about you? Is Valentine's Day a big one?

Oh, and don't forget the non-romantic loves in your life. Everyone is happy about mail - send a Valentine to your mom, your dad, your best friend, that kid you never asked out in middle school (okay, maybe not that one).

p.s. Just in case you are looking for a little something sappy, here you go.


Happy Friday folks! 

I have something so exciting to share with you guys today - in fact, it's one of the most exciting things I've ever shared on this blog. 

And I'm basically exploding!

It's kind of like this again:

My etsy shop is LIVE!

And it's filled with notecards and postcards of MY VERY OWN PHOTOGRAPHY!

For you to purchase!

I'm not sure if you can tell that I'm excited. 

Just to be sure,


So hop on over there and peruse. 

Maybe even buy something if you fancy it.

I'm even more pumped about the idea of having to restock! 


P.S.  Squeeeee!

Friday Inspiration: Etsy Faves

Today's Friday Inspiration is super special in honor of the fact that I just PASSED THE BAR!!  So, hurray for being able to make money as a lawyer to support my craft habit!  Here are some Etsy buys that inspire me to get down to crafting!

How beautiful is this alphabet needlepoint from mariesou?  After looking at this, I want both a baby (so that I can put this in a nursery) and an embroidery hoop.

I can't help but get caught up in the owl craze.  They're so darn cute. And this coin purse from Seventh Sphere is adorable.

PCarterCarpin's art is so cheery - I want to put it up all over the place!

These delicious pincushions from namolio have long tugged at my heart strings.  Just last week I finally gave myself the permission to get one, and I have been gleefully sticking my pins into a pretty purple one just like this!

Have a happy and creative weekend!