Fear in Sheep's Clothing

I'm over on Scoutie Girl today talking about what I talk about best - fear:

I’m something of an expert in being a scaredy cat. I’ve been doing it since birth. 

As a kid, I was afraid of loud noises, the dark, spiders, water (especially the ocean), and Santa Claus. And you still don’t want to see me when some eight-legged thing comes into view. Or perhaps you do – if you enjoy watching other people’s hysterics.

When I was little, fear was so straightforward. It had a specific cause – a clap of thunder – and a specific result – me, crawling under the coffee table.

As I get older, fear is trickier to identify. Sure, when I’m afraid to turn the lights off after a particularly edgy episode of Murder She Wrote (I wish I were kidding), that’s pretty easy to see. But the trigger isn’t always so clear.

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Fearing our own creative work

The other day I sat down to make a writing schedule for myself. I’d read for the four hundredth time how important it is for aspiring writers to set aside time every day to write and build up that creative discipline.

I weighed different time options in my head. Morning? If I wanted to do it before work, I’d have to get up at least by 6:00 am, maybe 5:30 if I wanted a good chunk of time. And then once my office moves in a few months and I have a longer commute, probably more like 5:00. That seems awfully early, and I can just see myself turning off the alarm and going back to sleep more often than not.

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Conversations With My Critic

When was the last time you told yourself that what you were making, writing, or doing was not good enough?

I'm over at Scoutie Girl today talking about the conversations I have with my inner critic. 

I'm super excited for my first post as a regular monthly contributor on Tara Gentile's excellent (and well-read!) website.  So head over there and check it out!