Saratoga Springs: Ducklings

This past weekend, I visited Saratoga Springs, New York with my dad and sister for our annual father-daughter weekend. None of us had ever been, but it proved to be a delightful town with great restaurants, a fun main drag for strolling and popping into stores, a charming bed and breakfast, and a lovely little public park filled with ducks and precious little ducklings.

We spent a good twenty minutes following them around paparazzi style, trying to get close enough for good photos without getting pecked to death by their protective mamas. I got a bunch with my iphone, including this video, and then went back with my real camera later in the day.

Taking pictures of these cute little things was the only way I kept myself from trying to reach for one because all I really wanted to do was pick them up and pet and snuggle them. When I was really still, some of them got close enough that I might've tried, but I know it would've ended disastrously, so I turned on my adult brain and just happily snapped these photos.

p.s.  Butterflies

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