Weekend Reading: Become a Better Person

Happy Friday, folks. I always think I've never needed Friday to arrive more than I did that week. And it's true once again. Hopefully I can be present to happiness this weekend so it doesn't whoosh by without my noticing! 

Here's your quick and dirty weekend reading list from around the web, guaranteed to make you a better human being.*


A well-spoken person: Good news. When you're talking about the interwebs, the dictionary (and John Green) say either pronunciation - Gif or Jif - is correct

A more satiated person: Make this chicken.  Not fancy, but the best chicken I've ever made.

A more caring person
Never say the wrong thing again. Comfort in. Dump out.  

A happier person: How could quotes from goats not make you happier?

A healthier person: If you have a desk job, it's time to take the plunge and look ridiculous sitting on a giant ball all day

A more appreciative personOf your mama. And of the power of showing up for the people you love. 

*As I've said before, simply reading these articles probably won't make you a better person. But they're interesting, and anyway, I recommend seriously considering whether you're perfect already - just the way you are.

p.s. Cherry Chocolate (Green) Smoothie

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