Weekend Reading: Become a Better Person

Get outside. And when you've gotten all the fresh air and sunshine you can handle, here's your quick and dirty weekend reading list from around the web, guaranteed to make you a better human being.*


A more social person: At least at networking events, that bane of introverts' existence.

A fancier person: Or look like one, because only fancy people make pavlovas

A more accepting person: Stop the abuse. 

A more mindful person: Maybe you're tired or hungry or restless. Or avoiding. Cultivate curiosity for what you are experiencing

A more hopeful person: In all the mess, see also the goodness of people, the way they allow themselves to be cracked open for others

A tidier person: Perhaps the Universe is telling you to get on this like it seems to be telling me to.

*As I've said before, simply reading these articles probably won't make you a better person. But they're interesting, and anyway, I recommend seriously considering whether you're perfect already - just the way you are.

p.s. When Life is Hard

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