This Week in My Garden: May 21, 2015

 Not out of the woods yet! 

Man, these New England temperature drops are rough. I don't think it ended up dipping below 38 degrees last night, but I pulled things into the garage and covered plants that were already in the ground just in case. And they're warning of frost for Friday night. I'm getting quite good at this moving the plants in-moving the plants out business. 

I'm about ready to throw up a greenhouse in our front yard.  

The garden is such a hodge podge this year. Some plants from seed, some starts from Gardener's Supply, some from Jericho Settlers Farm, some from Red Wagon Plants. And we don't even have everything in the ground yet. 

Jericho Settlers is a small farm about 5 miles from us, and I stopped by there Sunday for their annual plant sale. $38 later, I left with 5 tomato plants (2 slicers, 3 roma-style), 3 eggplant plants, and 4 zucchini plants. 

Then yesterday outside the grocery store, someone from Red Wagon Plants was putting out their seedlings and I chatted with him a bit about the beautiful day and our garden. He asked me if I needed a tray, and I said I didn't because I was just grabbing a pot or two. We chatted some more while I grabbed a rosemary plant, and then a dill plant, and then a basil plant, and then another basil plant. And then, as I juggled 4 pots in my arms, we laughed, and he gave me a tray and I added another basil plant and an oregano plant. I just can't help myself with the plants!

As you can see, I've begun putting in our soaker hose, which will hopefully help out with happier plants and no squash mold. And I planted three rows of radishes and some wildflowers this week. I'm skeptical about the wildflowers. The back of the package told me to sprinkle them across the growing area and then "rake them in," which I did. But I can't see that working super well. 

What's left to do? Put down black plastic for the squash and melon plants (also, buy those or put in the seeds - haven't decided yet), finish the soaker hose, plant the green beans, put the new herbs in the ground, plant the cucumbers, and plant some more flowers.

Oh, and address the little grass infestation we have here. 

But we're getting close to having everything in the ground, and I'm feeling that excitement from seeing new growth, even while I rush plants in and out of the garage. 

I'll be sharing our garden progress every Thursday during this growing season. I'd love to hear what's happening in your garden, and if you write about it, please share a link to your blog in the comments!

p.s. Previous weeks: May 14, May 7

p.s.s. I've never grown oregano before and don't use it much in my cooking, but it looked so pretty. If you have a way you love to use oregano, please share!

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