These Days: May

At Shelburne Farms - not our chicken, unfortunately

Trying not to scratch all the mosquito bites I've gotten in the garden
Listening to Invisibilia and wishing I were a neuroscientist
Baking pies (still, and happily)
Laughing at Jammer's new haircut 
Relishing the hot days
Loving my curly hair 
Weeding in the garden beds, especially around the radish sprouts (but not enough)
Looking forward to a weekend away with my sister and my dad 
Wishing we could figure out how to fix our riding lawn mower
Getting excited for our summer farm share 
Marveling at how different May feels from April 
Giving my wife a high five for snagging a good deal on our Christmas flights so early
Wondering when I'm going to find time to finish knitting my sweater
Enjoying a little small town Vermont
Feeling a little lag in writing motivation, and breathing through it
Listening to birds chirping outside our windows in the morning 
Soaking up the new growth of Spring 
Cheering for Ireland 

p.s. My travel wish list

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