Eyes on the Prize

I'm having one of those weeks where your eyes are locked on the finish line, and you're just hoping you can make it there without tripping over your own shoes. 

The good news is that I've never experienced a Wednesday that wasn't followed by a Thursday, or  a Thursday that wasn't followed by a Friday. I don't know about you, but no matter what I do, the next morning, there it is. The week keeps moving forward. 

While I do try not to spend my life in a constant "it'll be better when..." cycle (or at least I think about trying not to), sometimes a little future thinking helps to soften the rough days. 

In that vein, here are the top 10 things I'm using as motivation to keep those feet moving:

1. Vacation. 

We're still in the planning stages, but I will definitely be taking time off in the coming months to see friends and family and enjoy the beauty of Vermont (an absolutely necessary move so that we can be chummy again after that frigid winter). 

2. Raspberries. 

I check the bushes every day. They look healthy and happy and bigger than last year, and I think I'll burst from excitement when I pluck off that first red berry. It's like growing candy in our own yard. 

3. Reading on the back deck. 

It's been weeks since I've settled in with some fiction, and the idea of the sun on my face, a cool drink in my hand, and a good book on my lap is ecstasy.

4. Slow weeding. 

I won't deny that weeding can get overwhelming when I'm trying to rip out the major offenders as I run by the garden on my way to work. But I actually love it when I have an hour to wander through the rows, thinking about nothing and everything as I tend to my plants.

5. Homemade ice cream.

Enough said. 

6. A screen door in the rain. 

In my opinion, the smell of summer rain is a sign that there is a divine being. We don't have screens on our oddly-sized front windows or a screen door, but we'll be getting one soon. I can't wait to enjoy the sound and the smell of a good soaking while I putter around the house. (also, puttering)

7. CSA pick-up. 

Thursday afternoons during the summer find me at Intervale Community Farm grabbing up vegetables and fruit and flowers. And since I pay in full at the beginning of the season, it feels like I'm walking out each week with the best bag of free swag ever. 

8. Flowers on the dining room table. 

I don't allow myself the luxury of flowers most of the year because they feel like an unnecessary expense and because I know I'll have more flowers than I know what do with once the CSA begins in the summer. My dining room table is ready.

9. Lazy breakfasts on the front porch. 

I love eating breakfast in our adirondack chairs (plastic, from the hardware store) while Jammer monitors the comings and goings in the yard almost as much as I love brunch. More? Perhaps.  

10. Sleeping in. 

Maybe this is just the tiredness talking, but there is really nothing that I want more right now than to sleep until I can't sleep anymore and then to force myself to stay in bed and sleep some more. There's always a little sadness for the loss of the morning hours, but at this moment, I'm willing to make the trade.

What's on your list?

p.s. The Great Outdoors

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