Weekend Reading: Become a Better Person

Here's your quick and dirty weekend reading list from around the web, guaranteed to make you a better human being.*


A more loving person: Especially if you love a highly creative person.

A more joyful person: Find those areas of your life where you're hanging on to the wrong thing, the thing that feels like pain or apathy. Make a change. It might get harder before it gets better. But it will also be worth it. 

A dreamier person: As in, dreaming about the life you want. And then ACTING ON IT. Get a little help from these two folks

A healthier person: Get on the green smoothie train, but for the love of yumminess, don't start with celery. Try this one

A more alive person: Use the Fine Art of F@#k It

*As I've said before, simply reading these articles probably won't make you a better person. But they're interesting, and anyway, I recommend seriously considering whether you're perfect already - just the way you are.

p.s. Bringing back these pandas.

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