Weekend Reading: Become a Better Person

Always with the striving. Promise me this weekend you'll take a moment to just sit. Not in front of the television, not with a book, not over a plate of spaghetti. For one minute. 60 seconds. Just sit. Breathe in. Breathe out. 

And then you can read these words. 


A more accepting person: You're probably already on this train, but Glennon's explanations of how Christianity and GLBT-acceptance go hand in hand are beautiful and eloquent. Read them. Maybe memorize sections to share later. 

A more vocal person: As in, Sing it, Sister (or Brother). Read this list of songs to sing in the shower for every occasion. Play them or make your own list. And then get naked and get in the shower and sing your guts out. Rinse and repeat.

A more confident person: Borrow some confidence. From yourself. 

An open personOpen to the grief, the confusion, the love, and the grace of this life

A more satiated person: This garlicky kale salad with roasted chickpeas is the stuff of my (healthy) dreams. Reminds me of this kale salad that always gets rave reviews at potlucks. (Did you see that? Two links for the price of one. You're welcome.)

A more more person: Remember this - you can be more than one thing.  

p.s. Remembering this when homeownership feels like such a hassle.

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