These Days: April

Planning summer vacations and yard projects
Rejoicing in the lack of snow on the ground (though we got an inch last week)
Fighting with my sewing machine
Thanking the gods that sewing machine repair shops are still a thing
Wishing they were open on the weekends
Spending way too much energy thinking about my sewing machine
Enjoying wearing a puffy vest instead of a puffy coat 
Waking up early to write
Laughing out loud at The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Baking lots of yummy pies
Learning to let go of perfectionism (still, always)
Following a zillion Instagram animal accounts that make me smile
Raking leaves, but not as much as I should be
Knitting (slowly) the sleeves of my sweater  
Feeling overwhelmed by all my creative ideas and the limited hours in the day
Drinking lots of Mate Chocolatte 
Relaxing into restorative yoga on Sunday afternoons
Loving so many trips and visitors to look forward to in the coming months

p.s. This quick and easy project requires no sewing machine (aka nothing to break)

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