Weekend Reading: Become a Better Person

This weekend's quote from Eleanor Roosevelt is in honor of the struggle, the mess, the hustle, the compassion that gets you up off the couch. Here's your quick and dirty weekend reading list from around the web, guaranteed to make you a better human being.*


A person with more time: No need to spend hours on the computer looking up recipes. Here's a collection of the best back-of-the-package recipes out there. Take that extra time and go for a walk or dance in your kitchen.

A more joyful person: You cannot watch this video and not feel joy. It's just not possible. Also, you'll build up a whole list of movies you want to watch just for the dance scenes.

A more caring person: It's true what they say - caring for yourself helps you better care for others. And these suggestions for a little literary self-care can help get you there. 

A less troubled person: Let the snapping turtle go. Find a bandage and release your soul. 

An inspired person: Make something new and special. Let these absolutely gorgeous prints inspire you to look at everything as a possible medium to be made into something else. 

A happier person (scientifically!)This isn't just me saying this stuff, folks. It's SCIENCE

*As I've said before, simply reading these articles probably won't make you a better person. But they're interesting, and anyway, I recommend seriously considering whether you're perfect already - just the way you are.

p.s. Thai red curry for your weekend cooking.

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