These Days: March

thanking God for evening walks before the sun goes down
baking delicious pies 
listening to podcasts - this one and this one and this one - as often as possible
loving the melody of birds in the morning
waiting for an appointment at the knitting store so I can learn to finish making my sweater
snuggling with Navah and Jammer whenever I can
writing every day
learning to take better indoor photographs with a light bounce
sleeping excessively late on Saturday mornings and loving it
planning a summer vacation, but...
wishing flights out of Burlington were cheaper
trying to follow my own advice
watching my wife do our taxes (score)
practicing compassion, especially around my body
feeling invigorated by creative projects and goals 
praying for the families of the people on Flight 9525
dreaming and scheming about our summer garden 

p.s. These chipotle sweet potatoes are on my meal plan this week for the first time in a long time. 

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