Vermont Fashion: Go Bulky or Go Home

I love fashion blogs - they're art with clothes. But I crack up (or cry) every winter when I see photos of my favorite fashion bloggers either out with bare legs (damn those Texas winters) or, even in the slightly colder places, sporting a dress coat and no hat.

Winter fashion in Vermont?

I haven't seen my legs - not even indoors - in months! Those babies are covered with fleece-lined leggings from morning until night. And then again until morning.

I never go outside with fewer than four layers on, and the very notion that I would bop out there without a hat is sheer lunacy.

In February, Vermont fashion is all about bulk. The more bulk, the better.

Here's your clothing recipe for a successful outdoor outing in this frigid winter wonderland.

1: The North Face / Similar
4: Hi-Tec / Similar
5: Petco / Similar
6: Self-made / Pattern
7: Self-made / Pattern / Yarn

Yes, it was 5 degrees out and snowing.

And yes, I was wearing fleece-lined leggings under my flannel-lined jeans. Perhaps it's a little more challenging for me since I'm a Georgia girl, but folks, I make no apologies for the fact that I have a working internal thermostat.

It's flipping cold here.

Bulk up.

Also, here's my favorite outtake from our "photo shoot."

p.s.  This was right after I'd moved up here, just a couple weeks before I broke down and bought the puffy coat, three years ago.