Prompt for This Week's Emoji Fiction Friday

I'm back for another week of Emoji Fiction Friday! We had one entry last week, but I heard from a number of folks who wanted to participate but hadn't gotten themselves together in time to do it. 

So here's your next chance! 

As a reminder: 

Here's how it works.

I "send" you a list of emojis. Since we're playing this over the interwebs, I'll post them here on Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Then you make up a story using the emojis as your inspiration. You post that story by Thursday at 5:00 pm either (a) in the comments here or (b) on your own blog and share the link to it in the comments on this post. Try to keep it under 800 words so I have time to read it!

On Friday, I'll post my own story and I'll pick one from the comments to highlight.

No prizes.

If you're feeling shy, post yours anonymously. But I guarantee you that writing emoji fiction will make you laugh and take your mind off your troubles for at least 15 minutes. 

Get to it!