Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival

A few weekends ago, we fit in a quick trip down to Tunbridge for the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival.  I love these types of festivals, both as a knitter and as an admirer of adorable fuzzy animals. Navah and I walked around, watched a sheep shearing demonstration and a sheep herding demonstration, and ate some delicious food.  I limited myself to buying one giant skein of yarn - restraint that was worthy of a pat on the back.  I didn't leave with a single sheep!  Or goat!  And as you can see, there were plenty of precious contenders.  I was particularly smitten with a little black Angora goat that watched coyly while I took pictures.  

Somewhere down the road, perhaps we will orient our lives in such a way that sheep or goats or alpacas are a part of our days.  For now, we enjoy visiting them when we can.  

Getting to give a little head rub is just icing on the cake.