These Days

Loving long walks in the woods with the little man

Watching Season 1 of The Good Wife on Netflix

Wishing for more sun and less rain

Enjoying weekends with family and friends

Listening to Alison Krauss on Pandora 

Celebrating a job well done in our hall bathroom

Eating lots and lots of veggies from our CSA

Drinking delicious decaffeinated chai with almond milk

Sleeping soundly in the deep quiet of our neighborhood

Following storm patterns on the radar with my weather-geek wife

Remembering when the thought of owning a home in Vermont was just a dream

Waiting not so patiently for my garden to grow

Walking more and more, thanks to my new fitbit

Wondering when I'll ever sit down to knit again

Looking forward to visits with some of my dearest friends

Relishing the leftover joy from the repeal of DOMA

Appreciating impromptu conversations with friendly neighbors

Creating a million to-do lists of home projects

Sharing text messages with my sister in Bangladesh using Viber

Practicing gratitude for what I have and where I am in this moment