The Mad River Valley

It's hard to imagine that we ever had a beautiful blue-sky day like this, but when my mom was visiting we made it out for a drive before the deluge of rain that has been our lives the last six days - with more to come.

We did a huge loop from Richmond down to the beautiful farms in Waitsfield - with their spotted cows and bright red barns - and then on to Warren, Vermont.  We had lunch at the Warren Store - an absolutely delicious chicken salad sandwich on fresh baked bread for me - and ate it at a picnic table overlooking a stream.  We puttered around leisurely in the clothing and gifts section and both walked out with little bags of goodies.  I came home with a paper lamp that I love about as much as anything I've ever bought.  I'm sure it'll show up in some future posts.

We stopped at Warren Falls, where brave folks were splashing around in the water that, I know from experience, is COLD.  My boss had recommended also going to Blueberry Lake, and we were delighted that we took the suggestion.  Besides it being gorgeous, we had a great time watching all the little kids running around (and frog hunting).

We capped off the afternoon with a stop at Red Hen Bakery in Middlesex for coffee and treats.

A beautiful Vermont day to remember while the rain comes down.