The Garden's In!

We finally got a break in all the rain on Sunday.  It's supposed to start up again, but we just needed that one day to finally finish getting our plants in the ground.  We filled two and a half beds last weekend but realized that we hadn't prepared enough beds for all the plants we'd bought.  I meant to do it several nights after work, but the rain kept us inside.

So on Sunday, while Navah mowed, I dug up all the weeds and added compost to another bed.  Into that one went four kale plants, one dill plant, one rosemary, two parsley, and two marigolds for pest control.  So while we wanted to keep the garden small this year and not fill all seven beds the previous homeowners put in, we're now at 4 beds (including 1/2 bed filled with the chives and garlic they planted).  And we bought three packs of seeds that we'll hope to direct sow this week - one of pickling cucumbers and two of wildflowers.  Of course, that means another bed to be cleared, which is the most difficult part of the whole process.

Gardening tires me out in a way I'm not used to - working all sorts of muscles that are usually somewhat dormant.  But I know when I cut into a tomato grown in our own front yard, I'll be so happy that we put in the work.

Here are the numbers for what's in the ground:

1 dill
1 mint (in a pot)
1 thyme
1 rosemary
2 cherry tomatoes
3 canning tomato varieties (similar to roma)
4 parsley
4 basil
4 okra
4 bell peppers (of various colors)
8 Red Russian Kale
12 marigolds

All the outdoor activity has meant that we're not unpacking and getting settled in as fast as we would've liked.  I keep reminding myself that last time we moved - into our apartment in Burlington - I wasn't working and my mom was visiting for the first several days and helped us unpack a ton.  Even then, there was one room that didn't get unpacked for weeks.  It all takes time, and we'll be in this home for many years.  There will be plenty of time for painting and organizing furniture and putting art on the walls.  It doesn't all have to happen right now.

What's in your garden??