A Change Will Do You Good

So this is happening.

In less than a month, we'll be closing on our house and moving in.  And while I know this change will do me good, I can never get excited about packing.  This time is no exception.  

But as I tape those boxes, I keep reminding myself this move will be the last for at least a few years - and maybe more.  I've moved almost every year for the last 14 years.  That's too much change for me. 

But this change - this one, really big change - just a little over a year after that other really big change is so exciting.  I can't wait to turn the key in that door and know that it's OUR key and OUR door.  I can't wait to put down roots.  It's a cliche, I know.  But it's so perfect.  It says exactly what I mean.

I can't wait to root myself to a place, to a home, to a community.  I can't wait to grow from that place.

So I pack.  I move through the overwhelm and the feeling of impossibility when I look at a room full of stuff, and I pack.  

I pack and I pack and I pack. 

It's so worth it.