Movin' on up

Sorry I was MIA last week, folks.  We were super busy, and I was completely mentally preoccupied with an exciting new step in our lives.

We're buying a house!

It's a little ranch in a town halfway between Burlington and Montpelier (so halfway between mine and Navah's jobs), and while a little utilitarian on the outside, it's adorable on the inside.  We're smitten.

Our loan application is in, the home inspection is done, and in a couple weeks we'll start packing.  We won't be moving in until mid May, and I am so excited that it's basically all I can think about.  I might burst from the waiting!

I bought the books above at a used bookstore in town as a little pre-housewarming gift to ourselves.  We'll be on an acre, which means room for gardening and chickens!  In fact, the previous owners already built seven raised beds, and we'll definitely be making use of those this season.  Chickens will have to wait another year, but we're both super pumped that they're on the horizon.

I'll be sharing more about the house as we get closer to the move!