A Knitted Cowl for My Lady

It's possible that knitting has taken over my life, but I'm trying to put it to good use.

I found a beautiful alpaca yarn at my local yarn shop.  It was so soft and delightful to work with, and I knew it would be perfect for something that would be close up against the skin.  A cowl seemed like a good one-skein project, and I found a great pattern on Ravelry.  And with the help of youtube videos (which are a godsend for a new knitter), I even figured out how to make an extra stretchy bind-off so my wife can get it over her head easily.

My model was a bit shy....

But she came around eventually.

From the amount of time she's been wearing it, I think the cowl was a success.

Of course as soon as it was done, I cast on a few more stitches and moved on to my next project...