Weekend Happenings: Skiing at Jay Peak

 We spent Saturday at Jay Peak, a ski resort about an hour and a half from our apartment in Burlington.  Far enough that they've been blanketed in snow about five times as often as we have, and there were no icy patches to slip me up.  Being relatively new to the slopes, I require the best of conditions to stay upright.

One of our friends came along to give me a refresher lesson, which was exactly what I needed.  After figuring out the basics a few years ago in Colorado, my more recent ski attempts have been disappointing.  Lots of falling and never really making it into a parallel stance.  I felt constantly out of control, which if you know me, is my least favorite way to feel.  Within a few moments of skiing with my friend, who used to be an instructor, I was confidently making my turns and keeping my skis parallel.  It was the best ski day I've had in years, and at the end I was telling Navah I wanted to go again next weekend.

Unfortunately, a fall I took early in the day turned out to be more problematic than I thought.  Somehow I continued skiing, but on our way home and as the evening progressed, it was clear that my knee was not doing so well.  After an annoyingly long visit to an urgent care center (isn't that always how it goes?), I'm now not allowed to walk unless I'm using crutches or a knee stabilizer thing.  So there'll be no skiing for me for a little while - at least until I go to the orthopedist and see whether my knee injury will heel with rest or needs something more.  Here's hoping it's the former.  Please please.

Either way, it was a wonderful day that left me convinced that skiing could eventually be an enjoyable activity for me.  I just need a little more practice.  And it seems worth it, if only for the views!

PS - The skier in the blue jacket is Navah. I'm not advanced enough to ski down from the top like that. I just took the tram up, snapped some photos and took the tram down!