The Wedding Reception

The fabulousness of our reception, which we named a Celebration Jamboree, is due, I believe, to three things:

1.  The fabulousness of our wedding guests
2.  The fabulousness of my wife, and
3.  The fabulousness of having a tornado watch and torrential downpour during your celebration.

Our guests were so ready to party down with us, and it was flat-out awesome to watch.  There were more than a handful of folks who were on the dance floor from the moment we invited everyone out until three hours later when we finished the night with a wild give-it-everything-you've got dance to Raise Your Glass by Pink (password "taylorspero").

Shout out to Makoto for making that video and to our friends Greg and Leslie for coming up with the idea of a jumping circle dance and making our send-off so incredible.

But before that final moment (or psuedo-final - we actually hung out with folks at the "after party," which consisted of sitting around and eating the leftover food and chatting, for another two hours), there was a ton of awesome celebration jamboreeing going on.

After the kick-ass hora dancing and the amazing food, and some wonderful toasts, it was time for the dance party.  And that's where my wife's fabulousness comes in.  To keep to our budget, we opted not to hire a DJ.  Instead, Navah spent dozens of hours putting together a playlist on itunes and then importing all of the songs into a DJ software program and blending and cross-fading them so that it sounded just like rockin' out at a club (guest post on that process from the lady herself coming up in the next few weeks).  And there was some serious rocking out.

 Of course there were a lot of really sweet moments too.

All in all, I'm gonna go with Best Night of My Life.


Venue: Windridge Tennis & Sports Camp / Photographer: Jonathan Couture / Caterer: Lewis Catering / Cupcakes: New Moon Cafe / Katie's Dress: Corey Lynn Calter (altered to remove sash) from Sweet Lady Jane / Navah's Dress: J.Crew (altered to add straps, no longer available in white)