Quick and Easy Stamped Thank You Cards

Of course there are a lot of lovely thank you cards out there, but I was so deep in the crafty spirit before the wedding that I was excited to make my own.  

I knew I didn't have much time, so they couldn't be little thank you card masterpieces.  I needed a way to make something I thought was pretty and unique but could be made in quick succession. 

Thus, the choice for stamping the cards.

I bought a stamp and the acrylic block to mount it on at Michaels, along with cream colored cards and envelopes, and stone gray StazOn ink.  I went with gray instead of black because I wanted something a little softer and more elegant.  

The stamping itself was simply a matter of...well...stamping. 

I made most of them with one simple "thank you" in the bottom right of the card, but I really liked a few that I made with "thank you" all over the front.  

With scrap paper underneath, I let the "thank you" overlap off the card and spaced them kind of randomly.  

So far no one's actually received my stamped thank you cards yet since I've been terrible about actually getting the addresses on the envelopes, but I hope folks will like them when I finally put stamps on and get them out the door!