Knitting, finally

I finally did it - signed up for a knitting class.  I taught myself to crochet with a book, but I never could figure it out that way with knitting.  Now that I've begun, I can understand why.  It's much more challenging.

I'm two weeks into the three week class, which should mean that I'm 2/3 of the way finished.  But it doesn't.  I was the only person to show up to the second class session without my "homework" finished.   

After being away in New York for the weekend (without my knitting because I was afraid TSA would confiscate my needles) and then busy when I got back, I just didn't have time to finish.  

So that means that I have to finish another five or so rows of knitting and then hope that I can remember how to bind off the little section that will be a button tab and then do the knit stitch that, combined with the purl stitch, will create a stockinette stitch to begin the final section of my hat. 


Thank goodness for youtube videos.  I'm pretty sure I'll be watching a lot of those this weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend?