Instagramming NYC...Again

New York City is one of the absolute best places to do iphonography.  There is just so much to see, and  I don't go many places with such iconic architecture.  So this weekend with my mom and sister, I was constantly stopping on the sidewalk and telling them to go ahead, that I'd catch up.

Of course I didn't get any good shots of the super exciting event of the weekend - the Barbra Streisand Back to Brooklyn concert!  It was so so much fun, and I was thrilled to be in the same space with her.  Her music is, in many ways, the background soundtrack for my life.  Not in the sense that her songs spoke to the actual things that was happening to me or that I was feeling - I had the Indigo Girls and Fiona Apple for that.  (Oy.) 

No, it was her songs that I went back to again and again to feed my joy.  I was belting her songs out in the car and in the bathroom mirror with my sister.  I had a special CD case with just Barbra CDs.  I soaked up her movies.  My sister and I have probably watched Funny Girl more than a dozen times.  And that movie is absolutely the reason that I went into theater.  I wanted to be a star just like Fanny Brice. 

Turns out I didn't Ms. Streisand's vocal chords or her personal drive, but that simply increased my admiration.  She's my all-time favorite singer, and I will forever relish the experience of watching her in real life. She is a true star.