Fear in Sheep's Clothing

I'm over on Scoutie Girl today talking about what I talk about best - fear:

I’m something of an expert in being a scaredy cat. I’ve been doing it since birth. 

As a kid, I was afraid of loud noises, the dark, spiders, water (especially the ocean), and Santa Claus. And you still don’t want to see me when some eight-legged thing comes into view. Or perhaps you do – if you enjoy watching other people’s hysterics.

When I was little, fear was so straightforward. It had a specific cause – a clap of thunder – and a specific result – me, crawling under the coffee table.

As I get older, fear is trickier to identify. Sure, when I’m afraid to turn the lights off after a particularly edgy episode of Murder She Wrote (I wish I were kidding), that’s pretty easy to see. But the trigger isn’t always so clear.

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