The Honeymoon Files: The Big Island

And we're back!

We spent ten and a half days on the Big Island in Hawaii, the island that bears the name of the state.  They were glorious, sun-filled, relaxing days.  

We were only able to take the trip to Hawaii because my dad and stepmom gifted us time at the Wyndham Kona Hawaiian Resort through my stepmom's timeshare membership.  And we were so, so glad they did.  The resort was lovely and perfect for us.  And the location allowed us to travel to so many different beaches around the area.  A car is a necessity on the Big Island, and we drove a lot more than I anticipated, but it meant that we got to see basically the entire place (which is about the size of Connecticut).

The west side, where we stayed for the majority of our trip, is drier and has more beaches.  Because the Big Island is the youngest of the islands in the Hawaiian chain, you can still see a lot of lava, especially on the west side where there hasn't been enough rain to turn it into the lush tropics that you might imagine when you think of Hawaii.  It's a striking sight - black lava rock for as long as the eye can see until - bam! clear blue ocean.  

The east side, on the other hand, is just what you would expect.  Lush gardens, waterfalls, black sand beaches.  Oh, and volcanoes.  

I'll be back the rest of this week with more photos and information on the honeymoon. 

I know many of you are itching for photos from the wedding, but you're just going to have to wait! (just like I am!)  Although I'll tell you that from the few shots I've seen, be prepared for loveliness!