TGIF and Giveaway Winner

And the winner of the notecard giveaway is Sarah DC!  I picked the winner using the random number generator and, and I'll be emailing you, Sarah, with images of all the notecard options so you can pick your five!

For everyone else, I've left the ktmade32 discount code on my etsy shop for another few days if you're still hoping to buy some cards. 

In other news, thank goodness it's Friday.  I am completely in awe of anyone who keeps up their blog in the last few weeks before their wedding.  You might have noticed that I've dropped down to posting four days a week instead of five, and I'm just praying I can keep to that for the next two weeks. 

But unless I start writing about to-do lists, that's going to be hard to manage.

I'll be so glad to get back to fully participating in this online space after the wedding and honeymoon.

For now, back to crazytown I go!


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