Instagramming NYC

I spent a whirlwind two days in New York City this weekend, beginning with a 5:40 am flight out of Burlington on Saturday morning and ending with a 9:45 pm flight back on Sunday night.  But it was totally worth it to spend time with my sister, newly returned from Rwanda.  We did some shopping and went on a few Craigslist runs to help outfit her apartment.  I had my iphone at the ready at all times and instagrammed away. 

I found that I enjoyed the city a lot more now that I live in Burlington.  When I lived in DC, I used to find New York overwhelming and a little annoying in its too-much-ness.  But this time it felt more like a fun vacation filled with lots of sensations and adventure.

I'm sure it didn't hurt that I was so excited to spend the time with my little sis either.

What did you do this weekend?