Best of July

I almost typed Best of August for the title of this, and then realized it's just the beginning of August!  With our wedding just over a month away, my mind is in constant forward motion - I'm skipping over weeks at a time!

This blog in general and these "best of" posts are a great way for me to slow down and take stock of what's happening now.

So, here we go.

The Best of JULY.

The Post That Brought the Most Readers

Eeeeeetttttssssssyyyyyyyyy:  I continue to be overwhelmed by how much you guys love to celebrate with me.  This was such an exciting post for me, not only because I've loved etsy for a long time but because I had to work through a lot of internal junk to get to a place where I felt like I deserved to sell my work.  There were a lot of "who do you think you are that anyone would want to buy your photography?" moments.  In past years, even if I had opened the shop, I might have kept it a secret, afraid of embarrassment if it didn't go well. 

I am so grateful that I no longer feel the need to hide my excitement about things, that I know there's a community of people that I can share with - both the ups and the downs. 

The Post That Brought the Most Commenters

(In an operatic tone) Taaaaaa DAAAAA:  I think everyone might've been holding their breath on my finishing that table.  It seemed like it wasn't going to happen for a while there, didn't it.  Now that it's done, I'm absolutely loving it.  I can't wait to buy some chairs (though apparently I can because I haven't yet).

The Post That Brought the Most Facebook Dialogue

Fickle or Renaissance:  Folks have a lot of opinions about how to structure our lives around careers (or not) and passions (or not) and what that all might look like. I was so excited to hear everyone's feelings, different as they all are.  There's definitely something nice about the interface on Facebook for a true conversation-like atmosphere in digital form.

One of the best lines of that dialogue came from my friend Beth: "More than anything I think the rub here comes from the desire to be great, that perfectionist spirit that always makes us not-good-enough no matter what we do."

The Post that Included the Best Picture of a Chicken

A Housesitting Staycation, or Fun with Chickens:  I just had to include this one because Flappy looks so awesome.  Am I right?

Thanks for all who visited me this July.  As always, it was lovely to have you!