Reuniting with the Chickens

We're housesitting for the next couple weeks for some friends, which has us out in Colchester, Vermont (about 20 minutes from Burlington) in a gorgeous house with a huge yard and a bevy of chickens.  And two of those little gals are - you guessed it - our friends from back when we were chicksitting!

Look at how big they've gotten!

Makes an auntie proud.

These pictures are horrible. I only had my iphone and wanted to take some photos outside, but we discovered very quickly that Jammer wanted to chase after the chickens and, not knowing what he would do if he actually got to one, we needed to get them into their house asap.  Hence the poor lighting and fuzzy quality.

They sleep in their little hen house at night - to keep them save from predators like foxes and weasels and dogs, and in the mornings, we let them out to bop around the yard each day.  Our young gals are the two smallest and not able yet to fly to the top of the hen house. These bigger and older ladies rule the roost from above.

And then there's the one matronly gal who desperately wants to hold onto her eggs, and has no qualms about pecking my hands raw to protect them.  She even pecked a hole in the gloves I was wearing to try to save my poor fingers.  I did get them, but neither of us enjoyed it!

So, hopefully these next couple weeks will give us some (apparently much-needed) chicken education!  (And I'm sure there will be more pictures to come!