Friday Inspiration for Your Weekend

It's been a few weeks since I shared some of the things that are inspiring me these days. 

So much of my inspiration comes from the world around me - the way my adorable dog jumps on the bed with complete glee in the morning, the dedication of my fiancee to her job, and this week, the sounds of the outdoors - specifically gentle breezes and chickens and not cars - as we housesit.  

But a lot of it comes from out and about on the web, and those are a bit easier for me to share with you.

This interview with Cheryl Strayed (aka Dear Sugar) is as fabulous as you would expect it to be.  In it Strayed says, "writing forces you to locate your clarity," and I just loved that.  I loved that she used the word locate instead of find.  Find suggests that it's out there floating around somewhere.  Locate suggests that you had it yesterday - you just set it down in a different place.  And it's true, I think. 

This sketch video by Alisa Burke.  I adore her, and I love when she puts these little videos together to show her process of watercolor painting.  They're so delightful.  Tip:  watch it with sound if you can!

I'm constantly inspired in the kitchen by Angela Gliddon of Oh She Glows and how much work and sheer talent goes into creating all of her recipes.  This simple recipe for chocolate chai iced tea has me seeking out some new tea bags because I am exCITed to make that stuff. 

This blog post about 10 books she reads over and over from the lovely Sarah Bessey.  I'm rediscovering my love of reading after several years where it just felt like there wasn't time.  I've always had a book or two going, but now I'm feeling a deeper hunger to dig in with a book (or 10) and not come up for air.  I've stopped re-reading books because of feeling that there's not enough time to read an old book when there are so many new ones out there.  But I loved the idea of re-reading an old book being like hanging out with an old friend.  I'm re-reading Christy right now, and it's been so long that I can't remember anything about the plot, but I am reconnecting with the feeling I had when I was reading it the first time. 

This photo collection of the view looking down (or out) as this traveling couple (and later their daughter) jaunted around the world.  It's so filled with whimsy that I just can't stop smiling at it.

And finally, this letter from your (my) calling.  I'm kind of frustrated that it inspires me, but then I guess that's the point.

I hope you all are having an inspired week and enjoy an inspired weekend. 

I'll see you back here on Monday!

Thanks for visiting.