Best of June

June was a month of happy announcements.  And you guys love to celebrate with me!

The Post that Brought the Most Visitors

It's about to get fancy up in here: Announcing that I would be speaking at BlogHer was a huge excitement for me, and I was so happy to get such a joyful response back from all of you. And after a conference call with the BlogHer folks and my two co-panelists, Olivia of Fourth Breakfast and Nicci of Changing the Universe, I do feel very fancy indeed.

The Post that Brought the Most Commenters

Two Katies for the Price of One: As if being a panelist weren't enough, I also got to announce that I would be speaking at the same conference as Katie Couric, pushing me beyond fancy and making me damn near famous. And, if you caught it later in the week, Martha Stewart will be speaking there too! She'll actually be warming up the crowd for our panel, which happens right after her keynote speech at lunch. Thanks Martha!

The Post that Brought the Most Head Nods

The Gift of Space: On the more introspective side of the spectrum, I was nervous to post this piece. And it turns out, I shouldn't have been. On facebook and in emails and in the comments, you guys told me how much it resonated with you. I've been thinking - if we all need that kind of space, let's remember that and honor it in each other, congratulate our friends and your partners when they're taking the time and space they need.

The Post that Brought Me the Most Giggles

Ridin' the Wind: Not many folks showed up on this post, but man, did it make me giggle. Even after I was holding on to Jammer's harness for dear life while snapping shots with my iphone. Just looking at the adorable pictures made me so glad that he's in our life to remind us what pure, unadulterated joy looks like!

As always, thanks for taking the journey with me this month.  I had the most visitors ever in my career as a blogger, and I'm so grateful for each of you who made your way over to these pages.