Two Katies for the Price of One

The other day I found out that Katie Couric is going to be the keynote speaker at BlogHer. 

You know what that means.

I'm a speaker at the same conference where Katie Couric is a speaker. 

Yes, it's about to get fancy

I was kidding before, but now it really is.

Ms. Couric's bonafide celebrity status is most definitely going to rub off on me. 

I've created some graphical representations of how our BlogHer speaker engagements fit into our careers:

Number of people who know who we are

As you can see, I am just steps behind Katie Couric on the trajectory towards fame. You should expect any day now to be hearing about my new talk show

It will be a cross between Ellen, Julia Child: bon apetit, and an episode of Little House on the Prairie (mainly because it will begin with me running through an open field with a bonnet on). 

So, thank you Katie Couric for my impending fame. 

I'm ready.