It's about to get fancy up in here

This August I will not only be attending my first blog conference - which is exciting enough. But I will also be speaking at my first blog conference.


You read it right.

I've been asked to be a panelist in a session celebrating small blogs, and you can bet I accepted right away. Well, right after I read the email again to make sure I had seen the words correctly and turned to Navah and exclaimed they want ME to speak!!

Apparently the post I wrote a while ago about the struggle of comparing yourselves to others in the blogosphere really hit a chord with some of the folks at BlogHer. And because of it, I'm getting to call myself a speaker alongside all those other amazing women. And I'm getting to talk with other bloggers about something that I'm really passionate about - what it means to put yourself "out there" in this digital age.

So count me excited.

And if you're going to BlogHer this year, tell me! Put it in the comments, email me, tweet me, tap me on the shoulder when we're there. Because while it may seem like I'm all fancy now (I am speaking, after all.  Did I mention that?), I'm actually more nervous, excited, and overwhelmed than anything else. So help a girl out!  

Can't wait to see you there if you're going! And I can't wait to come back and share the experience will all the rest of you!