Best of May

Um, it's June. 

Did anyone else realize that?

I wrote May on four checks yesterday. But it's June.  Time speeds on.

So it's time for a little reflection on the month of May.

The Post that Brought the Most Visitors

The Ease of Wanting:  I find over and over again that when I'm honest even about the hard stuff - or perhaps especially about the hard stuff - people want to listen. People want to connect, to talk about their hard stuff, to know that someone else is out there feeling it and questioning and not knowing the answers. Every time I'm afraid. I'm afraid that people will judge me in all sorts of ways. And maybe people are, but they're not the ones who are commenting and emailing me. They're not the ones who are passing my posts along to their friends. And the people who are - well, they're the ones who are sustaining me. Their words are the ones that help lessen the fear and the anxiety. I'm so grateful for that. It is the absolute best part of blogging for me - that connection. 

The Post that Brought the Most Comments

Poem Canvas:  Ask people a question, and they'll give you some answers. As it turns out, for the most part, people liked the canvas. As one person pointed out, our own handwriting always looks stupid or boring or not pretty to us, so it's no wonder that I wasn't totally sold. I haven't made any changes yet, but I'm working on something that I'll be sharing with you guys soon. 

The Post That Brought My First-Ever Picture From a Reader 

Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies:  I can't even claim credit for the recipe. It came from the always-fabulous Oh She Glows. But I can pat myself on the back for bringing it to the attention of someone who enjoyed it. A few days after I posted it, my friend Libby sent a picture of the cookies she had made along with a little thank you. I'm going to be honest and tell you that they looked better than mine. Introducing someone to a delicious recipe or a neat craft idea is such a treat!

The Post That Caused the Most Confusion 

Sneak Peek:  I'm opening my own etsy shop, folks! I apologize for being a little enigmatic. I was going for drama. 

So, that's May. The months are flying by, I think in large part because I'm getting married in just a little over three months, and there is still a lot to do. Yeepers. 

Wish me luck!

And thanks for visiting!