You are so loved

See a little something new up there in our staircase entryway?

When Navah and I were still living apart, back when I was working the soul-crushing hours and looking forward to the day that I would pull onto the highway headed for Vermont, I got a sweet surprise in the mail. 

I'm a huge fan of Katie Daisy's work, so I was instantly smitten. Of course, with that sentiment, who wouldn't be?

At the time, I just set it on my dresser since I knew that I'd be moving soon. 

Since we've been here, I've tried to figure out the exact right place to put it. And then the other day, I walked in the door on a rainy day, feeling a little deflated, and it hit me. Right there. I needed a happy little print right there when I walked in the door. 

So now it greets me in its sweet blue frame every time I come into my house. And if you come visit, it'll greet you too. 

Because we all are.