Poem Canvas

I've been wanting to paint a big canvas with words on it for a while. I was inspired originally by Alisa Burke's and then later by Elise Blaha's script canvases. 

Since I've been getting into fiddling around with acrylic paints and have been blessed with ample wall space, now seemed like a good time to put some words up. 

My favorite poem - Wild Geese by Mary Oliver - was an obvious choice. I wanted the canvas for over my dresser, and the words seem like exactly the ones I should read as I go to bed each night and when I wake up in the morning. 

I primed the surface of my canvas with white acrylic paint mixed with water, and then I got to it with regular old black acrylic paint. I wrote everything out once fairly quickly to get the natural flow of my handwriting, and then I went back over it all a second time to even out the thickness of the paint on each letter. 

I'm on the fence. 

I'm feeling now like it's too neat. I'd like it to be a little messier. Perhaps I should have skipped going over it a second time and just allowed the imperfect look of some letters being darker than others? Or done it in all caps? I thought about that at first but decided against it because the capital letters seemed a little aggressive to me for the gentleness of the poem. But now I'm second guessing.

I just propped it on the dresser for now because I'm going to give it a little time to be before I decide which way to go with it. 

I've also been brainstorming ways that I could make it a little messier or more interesting now. 

Any thoughts??