Instagramming the Queen City Craft Bazaar

Bingo bound paper books from May Day Studio

This weekend I got to do one of my favorite things in any town - attend a craft show. The Queen City Craft Bazaar was Saturday on the waterfront in Burlington. It wasn't quite as big as I would have liked (though absolutely the perfect size for Navah!), but there were some great vendors there, and we didn't leave without getting a least a little something that we liked. 

I didn't have my camera with me, so I instagrammed a bit on my way around.

This is the one piece we did buy - a letterpress card from May Day Studio

I've told Navah in the past that one of the things I love about craft shows, especially indie craft shows, is how dream-affirming there are. Whatever it is that inspires you, that makes you want to create, you can make it and find someone who thinks it's lovely. 

Dinosaur planter from Found Beauty Studio (Navah and I both adored these)

If it's making fun creatures from circuit boards. 

Circuit board creatures (with ruler legs and cork feet!)
If it's creating jewelry from old skateboards. 

Or earrings out of feathers from the chickens on your farm. 

I came awfully close to buying one of these little collage pendants but ultimately decided against it since I've been a little spend-y lately.

Collage pendants from Sweet Avenue
I hope the show grows, and I can't wait to go again next year (hopefully with some more cash in my pocket!).