Seating fit for a queen

Please ignore the wonky crooked shade. It's my nemesis. And eventually there will be curtains there.
The chair-and-a-half that we ordered 8 weeks ago has finally arrived! No more random chairs in the living room! And there was cheering all around!

Seriously, though. We're loving it. And at about $700 from a local furniture store (it's a LazyBoy piece), we were very pleased that we didn't have to break the bank to get a nice piece that we know will last us for quite a long time.

For a little reminder of how things looked before it arrived:

When we first moved in
After we got the rug and shifted the couch around until our new piece arrived
The "chair-and-a-half" thing is a wee bit cumbersome, so I'm calling it a loveseat. It's the absolute perfect size for the space, and it's so cushy and comfortable that it just begs to be curled up on. And there's something about the stature and the shape that makes me want to swing my legs up over one arm, lay back, and declare myself queen for the day. 

Clearly something needs to be done about the throw pillow situation.
And perhaps I will.

Now if I can just train Jammer to fetch me a goblet of wine and some grapes.