For all you brewmasters...

While I've never had an interest in brewing my own beer (mainly because I don't like beer all that much), I one hundred percent understand other people's desire to do so. It's awesome to make something from scratch and especially something that'll get you a little tipsy on a Saturday night. 

And if you're into that sort of thing, then I'm guessing you're pretty freakin' proud of your homemade hoppy goodness. You want to show it off to your friends. But with all that time in the kitchen, you probably don't have time to create labels that adequately represent how awesome your home brew is. 

You're in luck.

A couple of my dearest friends just started up their own labeling business dedicated to showcasing your home brewed beer. You can let folks know right away whether they're about to guzzle down a lager or a pale ale, a stout or a cider. And you'll get bonus points for showing some state pride while you're at it.

Now that I've given you the heads up on these labels from Coast2CoastDesign, I'm expecting to be getting some party invites for homemade beer tasting. I'm talking to you, Vermont folks.

Of course, after writing this, I'm thinking maybe I do want to brew my own beer, or at least my own cider. Is it weird to start home brewing just so I can use these labels?


* These are not affiliate links. I'm getting nothing for promoting this product. I just think it's crazy awesome.