This Rug is My Drug

Changes are afoot - under foot, actually - in the living room! 
Living Room 3.8.12
We ordered this rug online from JC Penney and were a little bit nervous about it since the picture on the computer is so tiny. We weren't sure how that would translate into a whole 8 x 10 rug. But we love it. It brings in so much color and cheerfulness, and the living is finally starting to look like a real room! Even without that second piece of furniture (more news on that in about 7 weeks), it's downright cozy. Not to mention that at $225, the rug was a steal. Have you done any rug shopping lately? Holy expensive.

You may also have noticed that we changed the orientation of the room. Navah had been pushing for the couch to face the television, but I haven't been for it. Eventually the new loveseat-sized chair that we ordered will go where the random chair and foot rest are, and I thought that set-up would work better with the longer couch under the window. But since we have to wait for the new piece to be delivered, I figured we could try out the couch in a different spot and see how we feel about it. I still think we're going to want to move it back, but I'm open to being proven wrong. For now, it certainly makes watching television a bit more comfortable. 
Living Room 3.8.12 - 2

So, things are really moving along in the living room. 

If you remember back to our little inventory from when we first moved in, we've made major progress:
Living room-2
Living room 2-1

Looking back, I'm not even sure I put a new rug on the list, but I've wanted one the whole time. The other one - a hand-me-down - was too small and dark for the space. 

Now the only things missing are the new furniture piece, a new coffee table (which will probably be a ways down the road), and some drapes. 

All in good time. For now, I'm loving sinking my toes into our cushy new rug.