Pillowcases and Pillowcases and More Pillowcases

Forty-nine pillowcases
Yesterday I picked up the latest batch of pillowcases to bring to Rwanda this week - FORTY-NINE!

So, if you're keeping track, that brings our current total to 105. One hundred five pillowcases!

We'll have enough for all the beds and extras for when they do laundry. 
Forty-nine Pillowcases 2

In the mix were thirty-two pillowcases from my friend Beth's mom's quilting guild, from my blogger friend Kara, and - as in all the batches - from people I don't even know who just wanted to do something nice. 

And I learned from my sister that we'll be watching the cartoon Cars with the kids at the ward. I can't wait!

Let's just hope that I can fit all these pillowcases (and all the cake mixes and macaroni and cheese and snickers bars requested by the fellows) in my suitcase.