My Pillowcase for Rwanda

my pillowcase 2
I finally got my pillowcase completed - as in one day before I leave for Rwanda. It was touch and go there for a while. I have had so much to do both to get ready for the trip and to deal with all the stuff I put off during the bar study time that I haven't known which end was up!

But after one trip to Joann Fabric to buy a coordinating fabric and trim to go with the awesome elephant print I got from Hawthorne Threads and a second trip to buy more trim since I had been silly and not measured the first time, I finally made that sucker.
my pillowcase 3

I had originally planned to make two, but we obviously weren't lacking for fabulous pillowcases, and I was short on time, so I just made the one. 

my pillowcase 4 After reading through the manual and futzing around with some of the tension settings, I got quite comfortable with my new-to-me sewing machine. She works beautifully - nice, even stitches, good pressure on the feed dogs. I like her so much that I felt it was appropriate to name her. Henceforth, she will be called Liesl in honor of The Sound of Music, where Maria made play clothes from drapes. Exactly the type of creative thinking I like. Liesl and I are taking it as a challenge to make play clothes from a bath mat. I'll keep you posted.
my pillowcase

At any rate, here's the finished product. I still adore the elephant print, and I was tickled to find such a great coordinating fabric at Joann in the clearance section! And of course, pom-poms cannot be beat. I've loved them since I was a kid, and I still do. They're just so festive.
my pillowcase 5

I hope this pillowcase will bring a smile to a child's face, just as I know all of you hope for the pillowcases you made. 

And tomorrow I'll be setting off on that journey, so check back in for some final details on the pillowcase project!