Make-Ahead Smoothies: Use Those Muffin Tins

Thank you for the kind comments on yesterday's post. The whole experience was wonderful for me, and it's been so lovely to share it here with you. While Rwanda may pop up here and there, we're back to regularly-scheduled programming for the time being.

Please ignore the stained areas of my muffin tins. Shameful.

You know I love my green smoothies - with kale! - for breakfast, but some mornings I'm feeling lazy or busy or just ready for the part of my day that starts after I get out of the kitchen. The smoothie prepping feels like too big of a hassle. And those mornings I usually just have coffee.

Until I told you guys about my smoothies. And then one of my readers - an old friend from college - made a brilliant suggestion in the comments.

So to the muffin tins I ran. 

On a Sunday night, I can whip up a big triple (or quadruple!) batch and have them ready for breakfast throughout the week. It's also encouraged me to play a little more with the portions. So, sometimes a little bit of smoothie in the afternoon feels like a great idea. One muffin tin "puck" works great as a quick snack in that slumpy part of the day but doesn't ruin my appetite for dinner.

So this 

becomes this
Green Smoothie 1

but not quite as full.

I'll be trying this with some other smoothie ideas - hello chocolate - and I'll let you know how it goes!

And thank you to Amanda for getting me to have a healthy breakfast every morning!