Jammer in Motion

It has come to my attention recently that all of the pictures I've shared of Jammer look like he's some sort of constantly mournful fellow who just sits around staring at us with his big sad eyes, which is most definitely not the truth! 

jammer 3
So when we were out playing in the snow the other day, I attempted to capture some shots of him in his outside, gleeful state. He adores the snow. There's something about it - maybe the cold against his paws - that gives him a little jolt. He's walking along, he'll glance back at me, and then bam! he's off, bounding through the snow like a maniac. 

jammer 1
I haven't been able to capture the moment with my camera because he usually surprises me, and I'm too busy laughing to get him in focus.

jammer 5 In these, I've let him go off exploring, and then I call him back to me. He comes running all excited for the treat he knows he's going to get. 

jammer 2
You might not be able to tell, but that's his gleeful face.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with joy and surprising pleasures!